Knownsense Media


Knownsense Media’s co-founders Iftikhar Ahamad & Priyanka Katyal have each been very closely associated with the Events & Wedding Fraternity. They built up an Intellectual Property called as Wed Tweaks to bring a fun flair in story narration with a slick script to ensure highest engagement of the audience. It is home grown brand by Knownsense Media which focuses on News, Updates & knowhow of Events biz.

Wed Tweaks Series commenced in the month of August 2020, with an aim to bring out the life-journey emphasising the most significant moment in the life of influencers, gurus, leaders and flag bearers of the wedding and events fraternity.

Priyanka Katyal, Co-Founder and chief strategist at Knownsense Media has traveled in the wedding circuit and has been closely associated with Stalwarts of the wedding business. She decided to curate each story with meticulous research and planning. With exquisite design support from the Creative Head, Co-founder Ifitikhar Ahamad, they created one of the most admired story telling experience reflecting each character as a cartoon that is a journey in itself.

We are soon planning to launch a coffee table book inviting all participants and rejoice their journey and give them an ovation and at the loudest applaud.