Knownsense Media

Both Partner’s Profiles


The Picasso at Knownsense Media aka Iftikhar Ahamad is an influential artist, designer with an extensive experience in space design. Philanthropist by nature likes to spend quality time towards social cause , despite his challenging work nature. Born to a family of Law Graduates, Iftikhar finished his graduation and practice as a Lawyer in early years. He eventually joined an Ad agency as a consultant and realised his true potential as a creative soul. A decision that caused dilemma of moving from an intense profession of a lawyer & taking a complete paradigm leap towards design development was the first bold step towards his success story. He eventually trained himself towards story telling through his creative skills . From there he moved on to creative designing interior spaces, architecture and social events.

Over time he took ahead this vision to start TDC an Event design studio. His brand that he nurtured like a baby, from a single head to a team of a dozen, focused planning, execution, management & designing wedding or event concepts. Blessed with natural skills has worked with many renowned clients and has given B2B support to many production companies.

He now manages the entire commandment of design and production services Knownsense Media and in true senses invincible power source. If you need a design solution “IFTIKHAR” is the perfect Answer….